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Girl, interrupted.

“Something magical happens when testers and programmers start to collaborate.”1 I’ve submitted a conference talk last weekend.2 It has the heroic (*cough*) title of “Testing Demystified” and is now handed in for the Developer! Developer! Developer! East Anglia event taking place … Continue reading

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Organise? A way!

I went to the World Information Architecture Day in London recently – our UX Designer, Rog, had been before and I gladly tagged along. And as often, if you emerge yourself in a new area, you’ll get great input and learn new things … Continue reading

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Twitter Timeline Q1/16

#March There are 三 hard problems in CS: 1) displaying unicode, 2) *parsing* Markdown, and 3) error messages. — Fogus (@fogus) March 28, 2016 Bloody confirmation bias. It’s everywhere! — Dan North (@tastapod) March 18, 2016 Awareness is the greatest … Continue reading

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Snippets: nomads, squads, chaos, quiet

[1] https://labs.spotify.com/2014/03/27/spotify-engineering-culture-part-1/ [2] https://labs.spotify.com/2014/09/20/spotify-engineering-culture-part-2/ “Spotify engineering culture” sketched in two 10m+ videos. Pretty motivational. For me it emphasizes one of the main guidelines I’d want to work with – autonomy, to give the team, or in spotify terms the “squad”, the power, showing some faith and trust … Continue reading

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