Snippets: nomads, squads, chaos, quiet

The_Holy_Monastery_of_ St._ Nicholas_Anapausas _ Flickr_Jaime_Perez


“Spotify engineering culture” sketched in two 10m+ videos. Pretty motivational. For me it emphasizes one of the main guidelines I’d want to work with – autonomy, to give the team, or in spotify terms the “squad”, the power, showing some faith and trust in the people you employ. Other ideas I hurrah and like:

[1] focusing on taking out the pain of releases in order to encourage releasing more often, value agile principles over certain practices, vote for roles called ‘coach’ rather than ‘master’, collaborate and enable people rather than hand-off. I liked the idea of seeing myself as part of a community, belonging to a team (“squad”) while also being part of the tester group (“chapter”) with possibilities to be in a club that shares a certain interest, like continuous delivery (“guild”). I might find the names sligthly silly (“tribe”‘s another, a branch of sorts), but the idea I like.
[2] Quite liked the ‘Fail Wall’ – I really enjoy being open about my failures as it gives me so much more room for learning. Retrospectives, I’ve never seen them not valued high. Also love hearing of ‘press releases’, I’m only surprised that I hear it now for the first time from a company since AbeBooks. Questioning to solve a problem and not considering a feature done unless you verify the (postive) impact. Experiment: don’t know? let’s try. Visualize. Storytelling. Neat.


The German Chaos Computer Club holds a camp every four years. The Chaos Communication Camp 2015 took place in mid August this year near Berlin – the german and english (tech) talks are available via the link above. Endulge diversity.


Jacob Laukaitis relates his experiences as a ‘digital nomad’ and argues for this way of life. It’s great to hear from his experiences and learnings – and just looking at the picture with the hot air balloons makes me happy, somehow. But I would also like to acknowledge that not everybody necessarily wants to learn diving. Or surfing. Or motorbiking.


How best to deal with heavy workload and stress is always a tricky one. Especially when you enjoy good, shiny, beautiful solutions. this article encourages to try to “care less”, with some thoughts I was familiar with (like asking of the actual consequence if you do not finish this today, or taking the responsibility to look after yourself first), but also a new aspect on aligning this with an “us introverts” baseline. Probably not surprising given this is the Quite Revolution (Susan Cain) homepage. Back to dealing with stress, some other pieces I recently stumbled over: I quite liked Kent Beck’s take recently on Twitter:

And I also like to focus on being beautifully pragmatic, in the style of a quote our Dev Manager put on top one of his recent blogposts (“Parallel Lambda Application“):

“First make it possible. Then make it beautiful. Then make it fast.”
– Nathan Marz

Picture: Jaime Pérez, The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas (flickr)


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