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Diversity Matters

The latest Cambridge Exploratory Workshop on Testing (CEWT) came along, asking “What Makes Good Testers and/or Testing?“. It made me think: Isn’t it rather nice that I can learn something new about testing everyday, so why try to define based on … Continue reading

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Boldly go (where no one has gone before)

Last week we had Adam Knight present a talk on “Fractal Exploratory Testing” at the Software Testing Club Meetup here in Cambridge, hosted by the lovely folk at Linguamatics. FET is a concept Adam thought up in order to explain the benefits … Continue reading

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Of forest and trees

Software architecture overviews and me have a history. To start with, I’ve seen a few and most of them looked different to each other, by type. So I was often slightly confused about what all would fit that label and what would rather be a … Continue reading

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Ambiguity is richness

I’m currently reading Jorge Luis Borges short story collection ‘Fictions’ (1944). In one of the stories, ‘Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote‘, Borges reviews the – fictional – rewrite of ‘Don Quixote’ by the – fictional – author Pierre Menard. … Continue reading

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