Cambridge Lean Coffee 01/17

img_20170125_075032First Lean Coffee of the year, and the first Lean Coffee and second overall Meetup via our shiny new dedicated Ministry of Testing Cambridge Meetup Group. If you’re in the Cambridge area and interested in testing, sign up!

We’ve met at Redgate – with many thanks to Chris George for organising and Jose Lima and Gareth Bragg for hosting. Great attendance, we’ve ended up with three groups, of which I had the pleasure to facilitate one, which is always good fun. We tackled the¬†following topics:

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At least one, probably no more than six


I really enjoy the moments when I occupy myself with something far, far away from testing and it suddenly makes complete sense and shines light upon a topic that I know from work. Obviously I’m the connecting factor in the equation, but it amuses me nonetheless to read about screwdrivers as a description of the advantages you gain with testing, to follow a bagel recipe and draw analogies to performance testing or to enjoy Borges and find the importance of context shown as its finest.

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Twitter Timeline Q3/16


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Cambridge Lean Coffee 07/16

Again an excellent Cambridge Lean Coffee, this month at Nokia, hosted by James Coombes (many thanks!). Great discussion, and on a site note, we found it interesting that we get into a habit of asking questions rather than just putting a topic out there.

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Twitter Timeline Q2/16


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Testing Games


For the most recent Software Testing Club Meetup here in Cambridge I brought Games :)

Games? Why?
I’ve wanted to try this out, as I’ve noticed that playing Games (at least a certain flavor of Games) is a widespread phenomenon with Testers, you can find it as

  • Tracks at Conferences and topics of Meetups (sic)
  • training exercises for testers (we’ve done lunch time games)
  • part of tester interviews (e.g. the Black Stories)

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Jerry Weinberg: Perfect Software


It’s probably fair to say that Jerry Weinberg: ‘Perfect Software and other illusions about testing’ is one of a handful core resources when you want to learn about¬†Software Testing. My manager recommended it to me when I first met him, and I read bits and pieces here and there, but somehow never found the time to read it through properly from cover to cover. But as I’ve set myself a challenge to read three books a month this year, and have been finding myself being drawn toward non-fictional works more and more, I saw a chance to finally fit it in.

‘Perfect Software’ is more than worth your time, and feels like one of the books that will teach you something new on every re-read. The following is not a comprehensive list, but a random one of (often paraphrased) quotes that stuck out and thoughts that the book invoked in me, /this/ time round.

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