Cambridge Lean Coffee 07/16

Again an excellent Cambridge Lean Coffee, this month at Nokia, hosted by James Coombes (many thanks!). Great discussion, and on a site note, we found it interesting that we get into a habit of asking questions rather than just putting a topic out there.

Topics in my group (in no particular order).

* How do you get testers out of a slump? Involved in community?
* Best Testing Game you’ve played?
* Definition of Done – Do’s and Dont’s?
* How do you keep track of 2 million test cases?
* Where is testing going for you? For others? For everyone?
* Bug advocacy – evil? Who’s responsible for deciding what gets done / fixed?
* Explain testing to a kid?

And we discussed:

Recruitment – exciting Job advert, weed out coasters, magic questions? Approach?
* Testing job adverts often stale and boring. Write a job advert that you would want to apply to!
* Interviews are stress situations – help people by setting the stage for them, giving them context to react to, e.g. a certain situation or story they can interact in.
* Consider other ways for a job advert than a CV – let them test a open source application, send in bug report.
* Keep a set of questions that work (and refine them).
* Further reading: see Dan Ashby’sHow I interview testers including a great mindmap of interviewing questions, Huib Schoots Heuristics for recognizing professional testers and Ilari Henrik Aegerter’s Becoming a World-Class Tester.

Why does nobody trust the automation results?
* Often a people problem.
* People stop believing in the tests if they are failing all the time.
* Treat test code as production code. Consider staging environment for tests to avoid flaky tests – tests are only accepted after they’ve run reliable for a certain time.
* Habit of re-running the test when it failed as a warning sign for missing trusts in test.

What did you do in work yesterday?
Loved this one. Went from Lean Coffee (sic!) to testing in the zoo and oven to rather not automating to speeding up the automation to finding Never and Always rules (via Elisabeth Hendrickson).

Something that does not work (for you)?
* Electronic note taking – more natural and helpful ad-hoc to just use pen and paper, and than document more cohesively later.
* Meetings without an Agenda (try using Canvas / Amazemeet).
* Bug advocay – there can be a caring too much, often letting it go and going with what stakeholders, customers want is healthier.
* Missed emails, missing conversations.
* Not planning work for the day.
* Documentation with pictures or diagrams.

About Karo Stoltzenburg

Software Tester in Cambridge. Views are my own.
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  1. Rosie Sherry says:

    Oooh, I like the What Did You Do At Work Yesterday one, I can see lots of interesting things must’ve cropped up.

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