So long, …


For this years last Cambridge Software Tester Meetup  (the evening one – there will be Lean Coffee next week!) we didn’t go for a topic, just drinks. Well, not just drinks, but some nice and relaxed conversations and a few laughs mixed in, too. I greatly enjoyed it, although others may have found it a somewhat reserved affair … !

Nah, it was a splendid evening – a bunch of testers happily sharing their thoughts on testing, the universe and everything. I’ve heard about what kind of noise or music others listen to while testing, compared experiences with waterfall and agile development methods, pondered whether a tester’s job is generally a respected one, engaged in stories about Christmas parties and other fun activities, got introduced to the slightly dreary ‘test executioner’ role, listened to thoughts on recruitment in Cambridge, communicated about communication, for tester specifically, for others in general, and got a lot of impulses and new ideas. Always worth it, and I was glad to look back at a year of great Software Testing Meetup experiences:

But of course,  “after the game is before the game” (Sepp Herberger), so I’m already looking forward to the next year – keep an eye out for the Software Testing Club Meetups in Cambridge, we’ll have a couple of speakers coming up at the beginning of the year!


About Karo Stoltzenburg

Software Tester in Cambridge. Views are my own.
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