Cambridge Lean Coffee 06/15

What's in a name?This month Software Testing Lean Coffee event was hosted at Linguamatics, which made attendance very convenient for me, given that I work there. I’m generally not a morning person, but I do enjoy the discussions and the format, so I’m trying to fit it into my schedule whenever it’s either close to home or work. We were a larger group of 15 or so attending and decided to split in two groups.

My group discussed following topics:
* Complex systems need more time to test. Is this good?
* Does the name of a test team matter? Test / QA / …?
* Are testers developers? Should they be able to program?
* Toolkit of a Tester?

But we filed a backlog with many more (in no particular order):
* Inter-operability – is it that critical?
* What are the qualities of a Tester?
* Time to test vs. time to develop?
* Where to draw the line on “assisting”?
* Should UATs be automated?
* How do you know if you are doing a good job as an individual?
* STC Meetup – topics?
* What makes you happy as a tester?
* Where do the ideas come from?
* When would you / ist is appropriate to decline to test?

Topics of the second group were recorded by Lean Coffee host Chris George.

Picture: Jack Dorsey: What’s in a name (flickr)


About Karo Stoltzenburg

Software Tester in Cambridge. Views are my own.
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